Three tips that help to put the fun back into gift-giving

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, the decision-making process is not always as straightforward as we would like. Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, choosing the right gift for a loved one can be a minefield. So, if you’ve exhausted all the obvious choices, why not try a little something different this year? Here are a few of our best pieces of advice to help take the guess work out and put the fun back into gift-giving.

1.    Personalise

When it comes to purchasing a gift for a loved one, nothing demonstrates that you’ve put a little more thought into it than by getting it customised. Whether it’s putting the recipient’s name on the gift or customising it to their tastes, a little thought goes a long way. With companies increasingly offering more personalised services, a few clicks of a mouse could be all it takes to help make your gift that extra bit special.

virgin-experience-days-skydiving2.    Experience vouchers

If you’re in a long term relationship or are giving a gift to a long term friend, or family member, then there comes a point when you simply run out of ideas. With the proliferation of companies offering vouchers for experience days, organising for your loved ones to have the experience of a life time is an excellent alternative option to the traditional gift. Rather than buying a generic voucher, which allows the recipient to choose from a list of activities, why not consider purchasing a voucher which is specific to an experience that you know they have always fantasised about? Whether it’s a cooking course, a spa day, a supercar driving day or a night in the casino playing roulette, picking the right experience demonstrates a deeper understanding of their passions. After all, it’s the thought that really counts.

3.    Tell a story

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your partner, why not, instead, consider a collection of smaller gifts? By collecting small items along the way, rather than panic buying one large gift at the last moment, it affords you the opportunity to tell a story. These smaller gifts can act as keepsakes of the most important moments in your shared adventures. The nostalgic value alone is tremendous, but it shows a level of thought and consideration that will be welcomed with affection.


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