Creative Ways to Give Cash

We all have someone in our lives that stumps us on every gift-giving occasion. Some people already have everything, or have highly specific hobbies and interests that are completely outside our gift-giving wheelhouse. For these hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives, there’s always the old standby: MONEY. Everybody wants it, which can be easily seen when looking at how well payday loans are faring out there (more info can be found on Here are some fun and creative ways to give cash as a gift.

The Box O’ Money – Take an empty tissue box and decorate it with fancy paper, fabric, hand-painted designs, or whatever you like. Tape a whole bunch of dollar bills together end to end to form a chain. Fold the bills up and place them inside the tissue box, with the tip of the last dollar in the chain poking out of the top of the box. Now, when that special someone tries to take that dollar, they’ll end up pulling out a seemingly never-ending chain of money! Watch this tutorial if you’re not sure how to make it:

(You can also download it using the plugin from

Cash N’ Confetti Shower – Take some extra-large balloons and poke rolled-up dollar bills inside. Chase that cash with a few handfuls of confetti, then blow up the balloon and tie it off. You should definitely NOT inflate the balloons by blowing them up yourself. The contents will get rather damp from the moisture in your breath. Instead, use an air compressor, or, better yet, helium. Then let your friend pop the balloon to release their gift.

Rainin’ Money – Take a cheap umbrella, and use ribbon and tape to make dollar bills dangle from the underside of the umbrella fabric. Fold up the umbrella nicely and wrap it. Your friend will think you got them a really weird present…be sure to insist they open the umbrella!

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