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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the next generation of gaming consoles is also on its way. In recent weeks, both Microsoft and Sony announced upcoming consoles, and the Nintendo Wii U was released last Christmas.

With plenty of new gaming consoles hitting the market, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which to purchase. Here is a little information about each system to help decide which console is the right choice.xbox_one_ps4_wii_u_compared

Microsoft’s follow-up to the Xbox 360 was announced recently. It will be known as the Xbox One and looks to offer a complete television experience, with built-in apps to use on the television. A number of games have already been announced, with the system set to hit store shelves by the end of the year. Many were left disappointed, however, as the system will not be backwards compatible and users will have to pay a fee to install pre-owned games.

Sony announced its PS4 a few weeks back. The system looks to expand on what has made Sony one of the leading console developers in the world, with a focus on action games and online play. There are a number of rumors regarding its release date and price, but nothing has been confirmed thus far.

Lastly, the Nintendo Wii U is not having the same success its predecessor enjoyed. Many consider the Wii U to be a poor follow-up to the highly successful Nintendo Wii. Sales for the system have been very poor, and Nintendo posted a $366 million operating loss.

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